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BSO - Privacy notice

Last Updated: Jan 2023

What is this guide for?

Whenever we need to collect any of your data, we will let you know at that point why we need to do so and what it will be used for, but this guide provides a useful overview of all of those situations and provides more detail on how we keep your data secure and up to date, how long we might hold it for, and what your rights are in relation to it.

Basingstoke Symphony Orchestra is committed to protecting your personal data and will use any personal or sensitive data we collect from you in line with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).  

Who’s responsible for data the Orchestra collects?

Basingstoke Symphony Orchestra is a Data Controller under the GDPR. Basingstoke Symphony Orchestra has a Data Protection Officer who can be contacted at

What data do we collect and what do we use it for?

Basingstoke Symphony Orchestra collects data from individuals to help us plan, organise and run the day-to-day operations of the Orchestra (e.g. co-ordinating rehearsals or collecting subscription payments) and to promote and market the Orchestra’s activities (e.g. marketing mailing lists and photography/video capture).

Members: for administering membership

When you join Basingstoke Symphony Orchestra as a member, or during your membership with us, we may need to collect some of the following information on you:

  • Name

  • Email address

  • Phone number

  • Address

  • Emergency contact details

  • Medical information

  • Gift Aid Declarations

  • Age/gender

  • DBS checks

  • Bank details

  • Photos/video footage

  • Audition notes


This data will be used by committee members to manage your membership of Basingstoke Symphony Orchestra and to organise and run our activities.

If you give us your consent to do so, we may also use your contact details to send you marketing/promotional communications from Basingstoke Symphony Orchestra.

Any marketing/promotional communication we send you will include a clear option to withdraw your consent (e.g. to ‘opt out’ of future emails) and you can also withdraw consent at any point by contacting the Data Protection Officer.

Event attendees: for processing and managing tickets for events

Where our events are ticketed, we need to collect data on the person booking (name and email) in order to allow you access to the event and to send you a confirmation of your reservation/purchase. This data will only be used for administering your access to the event/s for which you have booked and will not be used to send you marketing/promotional messages from Basingstoke Symphony Orchestra unless you have also provided your consent to receive these (see below).

Employees and contractors: for administration and legal/regulatory purposes

We may need (for administration or for legal/regulatory reasons) to collect personal or sensitive data on employees or contractors of Basingstoke Symphony Orchestra. Where this is the case, we will explain what this is for at the point of collection.

Mailing list subscribers: for marketing and promotion

We offer everybody the opportunity to sign up (consent) to receive marketing and promotional information on the activities of Basingstoke Symphony Orchestra (e.g. emails about forthcoming events).

When you sign-up to our marketing mailing list you will be asked to confirm which specific activities of Basingstoke Symphony Orchestra you would like to receive communications about – e.g. forthcoming concerts, social events, fundraising activities etc. – and how you would like to receive them (e.g. post or email). We may ask for your name, email, phone number and address and may use this data to send you information relevant to your expressed preferences, in the way you want it. In this way we can tailor the information we provide to suit your preferences.


We will only send you information that is related to Basingstoke Symphony Orchestra (e.g. we will not use your data to send you marketing messages from 3rd parties).

Anything we send you will include a clear option to withdraw your consent (e.g. to ‘opt out’ of future emails) and you can also do so at any time by contacting the Data Protection Officer.

Website visitors: for running and improving our website

We use cookie technology when a person visits our website – – to collect and analyse anonymiseddata on how many people have visited, what pages they have looked at and other statistical information. We also use cookies to allow members to log in and out in order to view our members-only section.

We use a pop-up banner to let users know about this on their first visit, and they can at any time disable cookies in their browser if they do not wish their (anonymised) data to be tracked.

You can find out more about cookies at


Recent updates to our Privacy Policy:

July 2, 2018: Added statement on collection of photos and video of members, added section for patrons.


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