Support the BSO

We've recently introduced two ways you can help raise funds for the BSO when you shop online - at no extra expense to yourself! 

How can you help?
Shopping is easy, but you do have to remember please to start your shopping at a slightly different place;

  • For Amazon, navigate to instead of (and select Basingstoke Symphony Orchestra as your chosen charity

  • For EasyFundraising go to, select Basingstoke Symphony Orchestra, and then select from over 4000 retailers and click on the button to open their website

The amount that the orchestra receives depends on what you buy - with Amazon Smile the BSO receives a donation of 0.5% of all purchases you make (excluding VAT and shipping costs), while with EasyFundraising each retailer typically offers a percentage donation or a flat amount.  The average online shopper could easily make £100 in donations per year, so if everyone  


Look out for big money donations!
The donations for certain types of purchase on can be quite significant - for example we will receive anything up to £60 through EasyFundraising when you switch broadband or TV contracts, gas or electric provider, mobile phone contracts, car/home/travel insurance, and 5-10% for holidays, hotel bookings or car rentals, so in particular if when you're doing any of those purchases please remember to go via EasyFundraising.


There is also an EasyFundraising Donation Reminder plugin that you can install in your browser that will reminder you when you navigate to websites that pay donations, and a Mobile app for iPhone to ensure you can still make donations when you shop from your phone.



Does your business buy online?

If your businesses that shop online please consider nominating the BSO as your chosen charity, so that the orchestra will receive your donation every time you shop!


to add Basingstoke Symphony Orchestra 

as your Amazon Smile charity