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Orchestra History

The Basingstoke Symphony Orchestra was formed in 1930 by local musicians for the enjoyment of making music through rehearsals and concerts. For over 60 years we were the only symphony orchestra to perform regularly in Basingstoke. The Anvil has transformed the musical scene in Basingstoke and we are now one of the many symphony orchestras who enjoy The Anvil's wonderful acoustics - likened by one expert to 'an Italian courtyard in summer'.  

The high standard of presentation achieved by the BSO, coupled with the Anvil's acoustics and facilities means that we have been able to attract many top name soloists to perform with the orchestra.


Our Anvil Debut

On the occasion of the orchestra's debut in The Anvil in June 1995, all 1400 seats were filled to hear the orchestra with Lesley  Garrett and James Lisney - the evening was a real triumph.


Lesley Garrett is now patron of The Anvil and returned to perform with us in 1997 when she reiterated her admiration for the orchestras high standard and ability to play with comfort such a wide variety of musical styles.

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The BSO Today

Today, the orchestra is over 60 members strong, playing a wide variety of music from Beethoven, Brahms, Mendelssohn, supporting choral works and Camille Saint-Seans to modern classics from the film world.

BSO's purpose is to give soloists at the beginning of their careers the opportunity of a full symphony orchestra experience in an amazing venue like The Anvil.

Orchestra musicians


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