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Get to know the man behind the piano


Saturday, 18th November 2023 | 7.30pm | The Anvil Basingstoke

This week we introduce you to our internationally renowned piano soloist, Roman Kosyakov. Here is your opportunity to get to know the man behind the piano.....

Q. What inspired you to choose the piano? A. "I chose to play piano when my mum took me to a concert at the age of 6, there were many different instruments, but I liked the piano the most." Q. When did you decide you wanted to be a soloist? A. "I don't remember deciding to be a soloist, I just always liked to play, be on stage, and share music with people." Q. How long do you practise the piano in a typical day? A. "When I was studying I would normally practice every day for 3-6 hours, sometimes I would spend the whole day practicing, depending on what I was working on and how many programs, concerts, recordings, or any deadlines I had. Now the situation has changed a little bit due to work, but I am still trying to practice every day for at least for a couple of hours." Q. Aside from performing with BSO in November at the ‘Iconic Classics' concert, what else are you up to? A. "I have just played a solo recital at The Bridgewater Hall in Manchester at the end of September and performed a solo recital in Oxford on 16th October at "Oxford International Song Festival" at Holywell Music Rooms. Alongside performing, I am also teaching at the Junior Department at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire." Q. What have been some of your favourite moments and career highlights so far? A. "My favourite moments are when you have done the best of yourself on the stage, sharing your love and feelings and you see how grateful and happy your audience is afterward. These moments are precious." Q. Who is your favourite composer and piece of music? A. "My favourite composer and piece is the one I am currently performing and working on." Q. What’s next for you after the concert with BSO? A. "I think I'll have a little rest getting ready for the new performances to come." Q. What is the best advice you have been given? A. "To be yourself!"

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